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Restoration Company: How To Choose The Right One

If a pipe just burst at home, or you happen to come across some mold, the best thing you can probably do is call a professional. Immediate action is crucial. You wouldn’t want your home to get damaged. More importantly you don’t want to risk your health. As some of you may already know, mold can cause allergies, vision and eye complications. It can even affect your respiratory system. Here you will learn what to look for when hiring a restoration company.

Water Restoration Company Certification

A quality restoration company will be listed in the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).  This certification will confirm that the job will be done correctly and they are professionals at remediating mold and mitigating damage. Be sure this company is also licensed and insured. You can go to the DBPR to see if the company has had any violations or complaints against them. If you live in Florida, you can go to MyFloridaLicense.com No matter how big or small the damage to your home is, a certified company will know how to ensure that your property is completely dried and restored!

Availability & Recommendations

A good indication of a restoration company’s effectiveness is their emergency response time. When disaster takes place you’ll want your phone call answered immediately. Make sure the restoration company of your choice is available 24/7, mold takes just about 24 hours to grow! Ask for referrals from family, neighbors and friends. Or check Google and other online directories like the yellow pages to check for customer reviews and ratings.


How much you’ll be charged depends on the category of the damage, the size of the affected area plus the material used. Sources that have no health risk like tap water or rain are known as Category 1 as long as mold is not present. Category 2 sources contain chemical agents that can cause health risks, discharge from a washing machine for example, can cause this. Category 3 sources include biological agents that can cause serious illnesses. For example sewage flooding can cause this. When dealing with Categories 2 or 3 companies will definitely charge more as this requires special gear and chemicals.

Don’t be afraid to ask for license numbers and referrals. Ask plenty of questions. If a worker is injured while on the job, in your property, a claim against your insurance could be made so watch out and be thorough with your questioning. You should use credit or debit for payment, that way you have record of all transactions being made and make sure you don’t make the final payment until the job is completed!

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