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Are You Ready in Case of An Emergency?

It is National Preparedness Month, and WRG wants to remind you that natural disasters are unpredictable. Set aside time to take action to get prepared for emergencies. In these stressful circumstances, being prepared can make the process of recovery quick and efficient.

If you haven’t taken the time to think about how different disasters could affect you, then we challenge you to take the necessary steps to become informed and develop a plan for such events.  These simple steps could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

  • Make a Plan
    • Planning is everything, so make sure you start a list of things to take into account.
  • Clearly Map Evacuation Routes
    • Clearly mark stairwells, hallways, emergency exits.
  • Maintain All Safety Systems
    • Make sure all building safety systems are in good shape and up to code.
  • Keep Tenants Informed & Involved
    • Make sure tenants have a list of emergency phone numbers including contact information for you and your staff.
  • Have a Trusted Recovery Partner
    • Talk to other property managers about their experiences with different disaster restoration companies. Be sure to connect with a restoration business that’s full-service, available 24/7, IICRC-certified and has positive online reviews.
  • Communicate With All Parties
    • Insurance companies, local fire departments, local police departments, and Red Cross may all have resources.
  • Document Damage
    • Photos related to property maintenance and property damage.
    • Invoices and receipts for property maintenance.
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