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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire and smoke can be dangerous and destructive. Immediately after firefighters contain the flames, our certified restoration crew works to salvage the structure and personal belongings, clean and restore surfaces, and deodorize smoke odors.

WRG’s disaster response team is available 24/7 to mitigate property damage caused by fire emergencies and maximize recovery. Our team will directly guide you through the fire damage restoration process seeing as a fire’s smoke, heat, and moisture can impact areas in a manner that may not be clearly visible without special instruments.

Fire Damage Action Plan by the WRG Team

  • Review what kind of fire took place.
  • Classify the type of smoke and damage accompanying it.
  • Utilize systems and tools to measure how far fire and smoke damage has spread (smoke can flow through air ducts and plumbing pipes, so it is important that every area in the building be checked).
  • Evaluate what items can be salvaged.
  • Provide a proposal with a plan of action to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Fire & Smoke Damage Services

Your home is the sanctuary for you and your family. Yet fire is a spontaneous and unpredictable disaster that can occur to anyone.

Within minutes fire can damage your property and everything in its path. When a disaster strikes call Our water damage expert to mitigate the damage, maximize recovery, and personally guide you through the fire damage restoration process.

A fire can not only cause damage to a property but its smoke, heat, and moisture can impact areas that seem unaffected by the fire. The type of smoke may affect the damage restoration process, and since smoke can flow through air ducts and plumbing pipes it is important that every area in the building is checked. We make sure that any residue whether from wet or dry smoke is taken care of and eliminated. We are trained and experienced to make sure that there is no danger to anyone and we have systems and tools in place to investigate and determine how far fire and smoke damage may have spread.

Our response to a fire is quick and we will help you determine the full extent of the fire damage restoration process and what kind of cleanup will be required. It might surprise you to know that some items can be salvaged if they’re cleaned by a professional before they’re used again.

Fire damage goes beyond the burnt areas and items. Areas that seem unaffected by fire damage are still a danger to your workplace. Smoke, soot, and water used to extinguish the fire can create the need for special equipment to be used in order to test and understand the extent of the smoke damage.

Our Fire Damage Restoration team will test the soot to determine what kind of smoke damage is affecting your business and we will guide you through the process by restoring and reconstructing your property.

Let us be there to calm your fears and put your mind at ease knowing that your property is being restored by experienced knowledgeable hands.

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