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WRG is committed to connecting and educating property management and insurance professionals, association members, and building owners in our community.
Our in-person and virtual events include informative and instructive restoration courses, seminars and certification opportunities.
Network, Learn & Earn CE Credits

WRG is certified to instruct Community Association Manager Continuing Education classes (CAM CEUs) and other training for professionals on the latest disaster restoration techniques, procedures and best practices.

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Events & Classes FAQs

At WRG, we understand the value of bringing people together, always working towards growth and learning to be better at what we do.

All our events are based on making sure attendees and participants receive the information they need to stay up-to-date on the latest restoration industry trends, innovations, equipment and more.

WRG provides on-going education for employees, insurance agents, adjusters, association members, property managers, risk managers, facility managers, IICRC members and other professionals.

Professionals such as insurance agents and property managers need to complete a certain number of Continuing Education (CE) credits or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each license period as a condition to renew their license. CE and CEU courses are designed to enhance, refresh, and improve an individual’s knowledge of property damage restoration, topics and issues facing the industry, and the latest methods and advancements in technology. The overall goal of our courses is to empower participants to provide better service to customers.

Each course is carefully developed and administered by certified expert instructors that are committed to promoting a more ethical, knowledgeable, and capable workforce in the industry.

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