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What To Do After An Active Rainy Season

What To Do After An Active Rainy Season

Home owners today are probably thinking that maybe they imagined that the rain was worse during September in Florida. Well, reports finally came in and Floridians just endured the most rain activity since September since 2004. So it’s important for people to know and follow some tips in checking just how well their home held up after any serious storm.

First off, there are very few problems that can be tackled by the home owners themselves. Lightning, wind and rain damage often requires the aid of an experienced professional that will keep these homes’ long term safety a top priority.

Immediately after a storm has passed, the home needs to be inspected for any flooding or standing water, especially around any appliances or the gas meter. They should turn off any electrical appliances and they should call a flood restoration professional as soon as possible. A professional should be consulted to check and exposed electrical switches for water seepage. Standing water could cause problems like mold so carpets should be professionally cleaned or replaced.

If any power poles are sagging or down the power company should be contacted immediately. Plumbing should be tested in all faucets and toilets. Internal pipes need to be checked for any leaks. Crawl spaces and closets should be checked for any possible water damage. The roof should be checked for any loose shingles that could later develop into a full on leak. The foundation needs to be inspected for any possible cracks or buckling. The floors should be checked for any warping. The water heater should be inspected for any dripping or leaks. And once these things are all Okayed by a professional construction and consulting company, home owners can check less important things such as gutters and downspouts.

Living in South Florida all home owners need to have a home repair emergency contact list that at the very least includes:

  • Water Damage restoration
  • Home owners insurance
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Fire Damage restoration
  • General Contractors
  • Electric Company
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