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Mold Removal: Choosing The Right Company

When any leakage occurs if left unnoticed long enough it will eventually turn into mold. This affects the quality of life within the property causing respiratory infections and allergic reactions. If you’re a business owner this will certainly have negative effect on your customers.  Your property may become inhabitable until mold removal occurs. What you’ll want to do is hire licensed experienced professionals.

How to Choose the Right Mold Removal Professional

  1. The mold removal industry is not well regulated. This is why you must always make sure to ask for proof of credentials. Such as a certification from the American Indoor Air Quality Counsel. Ensure that the company is insured as well. Professional liability insurance will cover any damage the company makes to your home and/or building. A face to face interaction with the contractor is crucial to the hiring process, ask for at least three phone numbers of previous customers and ask them about their service experience. Or you can also check out the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for reliable customer reviews. Also, keep in mind that if a company provides construction services as well, they must also carry MHIC (a contractor or subcontractor license). Try to contact several other companies for an estimate on the prices. And never pay the whole amount up front. If asked for the total cost of the job up front it may be a scam. Although it is reasonable that they ask for a deposit if you do not carry insurance.
  2. Humidity is inescapable. Getting rid of mold 100% is impossible. But a thorough job must be done none the less to reduce it’s harmful affects. Expect the usage of heavy duty HEPA vacuum as they can penetrate surfaces like your couch or mattress. If a hard surface has actual mold growing on it, then it should be tossed out. For example, if you have a dresser that is covered in mold, it is best to replace it altogether.
  3. Inspect your property for mold before and after. Make sure that the inspection company and the remediation company are different and have no relation. Many companies will falsify a mold inspection in order to do the mold remediation as well which nets them thousands of dollars. For this reason, the state of Florida made it illegal to have the same company inspect and remediate the mold in a property. This has curbed the amount of scams drastically. Although it is not as effective as hiring a professional, you can get a mold testing kit and do it yourself. Keep in mind that mold fluctuates over time. It is best to test at different times and in various locations in your home of business. Mold tests include air testing, surface testing and bulk testing.
  4. Make sure to ask:
    • What exactly are you paying them to do?
    • What services are included in the price?
    • Do they expect additional costs or fees?

We hope these tips will help you decide on the right company to remove the mold in your home. Don’t rush when making these decisions. But do make them a priority.  Mold may become extremely toxic especially those prone to respiratory and skin infections.

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