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Flood Damage Prevention In 5 Steps

Flood Damage Prevention In 5 Steps

Spring in South Florida may be the most difficult season to prepare for. Hurricanes and tropical storms are regular features nowadays and property managers should expect floods and heavy winds. It is no secret that the potential for flood damage is great and your most challenging task will be to minimize the effects of the disaster.

Statistically, 100-year floods have a 1 percent chance of occurring in any given year. But that 1 percent could happen two years in a row. Maybe more than once in the same year. While spring weather may be unpredictable, being prepared will help to ensure a smooth passage, no matter what Mother Nature brings.

Here are some tips that will help you prevent major flood damage to your property:

  • Secure all doors and windows. They are extremely vulnerable to flying objects. Shutters and plywood will provide additional protection.
  • Secure loose objects. Objects like trash cans or lawn furniture can be dangerous projectiles during a storm.
  • Play it safe. Gas lines can be affected during a storm so it’s best to switch off the tank before a storm.
  • Clear downspouts, gutters and drains of leaves and debris to avoid clogging.
  • Keep items on hand for emergency repairs. Like towels, blankets, rags, plastic rolls, plywood and lumber, roll roofing. These will help you to protect objects from moisture.

Being cautious will save you money and safeguard your property from an unexpected event.

Be sure to check out our CAM continued education classes (CEUs) as they will provide you the sufficient expertise and knowledge to deal with all the facets of property management. If your property is affected by the weather change or is hit by a natural disaster, our water restoration team has the ability to respond to an emergency in 40 minutes or less. We can restore your property by repairing the damages in a timely and efficient manner.

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